Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello Hello 2010! I am SO excited about this coming year!  We have so many wonderful things going on and I just cannot wait!  Everyday we are that much closer to meeting our sweet little Lynlee girl.  Our Christmas was wonderful and I can honestly say that Lynlee is already spoiled!     It has been so nice to have a break from school and I am dreading going back to school tomorrow, but hopefully the kids will come back ready and excited to learn! (Ha, that may be wishful thinking but I can hope right?!?!) I am sure that the next two months are going to fly by.   Another exciting thing that is coming up this week is our child birthing classes!  We are starting this Thursday.  We are really excited because we are taking the class with a fellow pregnant friend and her hubby so we know that it will be fun.  We learned so much at the child safety and CPR class so hopefully we will feel fully prepared after all of these classes. On New Ye
ar's Day Michael and I went to the lake to spend time with his family.  We had a really great time just hanging out watching movies with everyone.  Michael channeled his inner photographer and took a 
few maternity shots of me on the pier.  I think that he did a great job.  It was freezing!!! We have our maternity session this coming weekend and I cannot wait to 
see what all our photographer has in mind.  Here are a few that Michael took that we both love.


  1. We can't wait for the class either!! Hopefully we get snow and school is cancelled but not our baby class!!! The pics are too cute :) He did a great job! Who is doing your maternity pics?? I need to schedule some for us!

  2. The pics are great! Michael did a really good job!


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