Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

We had a snow day today and these are the days that being a teacher is priceless!  It is such a great feeling when Michael comes and tells me school is closed, I am turning off your alarm so you and Lynlee can sleep in!  AHHH! Wonderful!  I have just been trying to catch up on a few things, relax and update our registry.  
Speaking of registry, I am having SO much trouble choosing a car seat and stroller.   It is becoming extremely frustrating!  The stroller that I found and like is of course discontinued!  Everything I find for this little girl is either way too expensive, unavailable, or discontinued.  It's getting annoying.  But I guess that just means I need to look a little harder.  There are a couple of car seats that I like but Babies-R-Us and Target do not have the colors that I like, they are all polka dot or crazy colors that I just can't see myself getting.  If there are any suggestions from you guys I am all ears! 
Our child birthing class got cancelled tonight and I am kinda bummed about that!  I was really looking forward to meeting new mommies and getting helpful tips.  But this will just give us something to look more forward to next week.  
Everyone have a great day and stay warm, it's cold outside!

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