Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day of Projects.

Today was a day that we have been in need of for the past few weeks. We stayed at home ALL day! (Minus one trip to the post office and the park) We had such a fun day. First off miss Lynlee girl slept until 8:25!!! Which in our house in an act of God and the Heavens! So yes thank you Lord for that- He knew Momma needed that extra bit of shut-eye.So with the late start to the morning and Lovey taking about an hour to eat her breakfast- I mean seriously? AN HOUR to eat a cup of greek yogurt and half a banana!!! I just went with it. I mean I tend to
move slowly in the morning too so I figure if we have the time let her take it. After all of that, we went for a walk in the beautiful weather and snuck over to Andrew and Roni's backyard to play, it is WAY cooler and more fun than our own backyard. She loves sliding down Bo's big boy slide.

And here is when the projects begin, unless of course you consider the above projects and in that case we can add more checks in the "accomplished" column. Sometimes getting breakfast deserves a check in that column! :) Alright so back on track- Projects: Michael Christie has been nagging, oops I mean asking nicely, for me to get rid of the huge pile of magazines that are overtaking our kitchen. I insist that they all have VERY IMPORTANT information that I might need one day! So he rolls his eyes and lets me keep them. So then I started getting annoyed with the pile taking up space so I decided to consolidate.

I went through each magazine and pulled out articles that I felt I would at some point in my life need. As I tore the articles out, I split them into piles like: Discipline, Me Time, Food, Time for Fun and so on. I went to Walmart and got one of those accordion folders and vwalla huge stack of magazines gone and an organized info packed article mecca at my fingertips!

Project #2 for the day: Sending "I love You" Cards to some family. After lunch I let Lynlee color some cards with markers. Yes, brave I know. She did have more marker on her highchair and her arms than on the cards but she had fun with it. On the inside I just wrote a little note and then threw them in the mail- (hence the trip to the post office.) I know that the fam will enjoy a personalized card from our little lovey girl. :) She really did a great job and they were super easy to make.
Project #3: Vacuuming the house. Yeah. That needs no explanation, cutesy pictures or further discussion.

All this activity warranted a 3 hour nap from Lynlee girl! Again, thank the Lord! This enabled me to finish each project. :)
That is our day in a nutshell. It ended with fun family time at the park with Bo, Cruiz, Aunt Roni and Uncle Andrew. Lynlee felt like such a big girl riding around in Bo's Big Wheel F-150. So Cute.

Well that's all for tonight. night night everyone.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello Terrible Two's or 1 1/2's!!!!

Welp, we are starting to learn what people mean when they say terrible two's. Lynlee Harper is starting to become quite the "personality"! Everything is an ordeal and "No No No" and "Me Me Me" are becoming her favorite phrases. So if there is any advice about how to deal I am all ears. Sounds like I need to pick up a few of my parenting books and thumb back through them. But I will say that through all of the frustrations of her new attitude she will just as quickly turn around and give me a kiss or hug me and say "awe". So pray for grace and mercy for me and Michael as we conquer this new era of Lynlee's life.

On another note we had Michael's 10 year class reunion! WOW I cannot believe it is already time for these types of events. But we went and really had a great time. Everyone was so nice and I know that he had a great time seeing everyone. The funny part is most of the people we saw are people we see all the time. :) Guess that comes with living in a small town and staying close to home. :) I think next year when mine comes around I will be seeing people that I haven't seen since we graduated. I just hope I recognize everyone-I am so bad with stuff like that!

Last note for the night- Tonight we took a jeep ride and went and got milkshakes. This was Lynlee's first milkshake (to my knowledge) and boy was she in hog heaven! She felt like such a big girl sipping on her very own big girl milkshake. She watched how Michael would dip his straw in and take a bite so she felt like she needed to do the same. All was well until we were right around the corner from home and yup.....milkshake everywhere! It was all over her. I mean she was covered!!!!! If only I would have had a camera it would have been perfect. But she was a trooper and went right in and jumped in the tub! I could not stop laughing it was so funny! Bless her heart I think that would have been the only thing to stop her from drinking that whole thing!

Keep the terrible two's in your prayers, we would really appreciate it. :)

nighty night,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just one of them days!

What is that old 90's songs "Just one of them days, where I wanna be all alone...." I am thinking it may be a TLC or a Salt-n-Pepper song if that tells you anything. Well I think I may be having one of those days. Not so much that I want to be alone but that I just feel sorta yuck. Kind of like what ever you touch gets screwed up kind of days. Hopefully this will pass because we are about to head out in the 108 degree heat to tailgate for the tigers. So nothing like a sour attitude with intense amount of heat! haha!
(OK SO I FOUND THE SONG!! it is Monica! ha flashback to middle/high school) imgres.jpg
So let's think positive. On a good note Lynlee is still LOVING her school. She is so eager to get there in the mornings which makes me happy. Not to mention how nice it is to get reports throughout the day from people I run into! :) Everyone has picked up on her funny eating habits and her sassy personality! So blessed and happy to have her at Hope. She just struts around those halls like she owns the place. So cute.

AH! Just realized it is time to leave for the tailgate, be back soon
.................................................. OK we are back and things went great! Lynlee had a blast with A
ustin! They are so precious together. It is funny to think they were in strollers last year at this time
and we were nursing in the car. :) Now they are running around the tailgate playing. It was so cute when I went to get him he had his football jersey on and of course miss priss was wearing her cheerleading uniform!
(Great Deal at WALMART!!! I couldn't believe it, I think it was 15 bucks and it feels like a real uniform. SO PRECIOUS!) They had fun hanging out and playing even though it was a little hot. Didn't stop them from having a good time.

Aside from school and football tailgates things have been pretty low key- although this weekend we are headed to the lake for Mimi's birthday! We are excited to celebrate and hangout with the family. PLUS--Mommy and Daddy are getting a date night Saturday night with the Bennett's and the Cobb's and we could not be more excited! This is long over due and we know that it is going to be so fun! :) Welp glad tomorrow is Friday and I am sure I will have some precious pics to post after the lake weekend.

Have a wonderful night!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Yeah I know.

Well..... let's see- it has been over a year and boy have a lot of things happened. I realize that I am probably the worlds worst blogger but for some reason I have been feeling compelled to update and write lately. Maybe it is because Lynlee is doing so many amazing things right now and I want to have it documented somewhere or maybe it is because I want to give my family the opportunity to hear the wonderful things she is doing. I don't know but I am just going to go with it. God has blessed us beyond belief and I cannot begin to express how thankful and grateful I am.

In the past year I went from being a full-time teacher/full-time cheer coach to a full-time mommy to now a full-time mommy/part-time Global Outreach Coordinator.

I was given the opportunity to come on board at our church, Hope, and work in the Global Outreach department with Michael Leirer. (hence the need to always differentiate between the Michaels in my life by using first and last name at all times, I am sure you will notice this.) Those of you that know me, know that I have a huge heart for missions. So starting this job fit into my life perfectly! It was something that I already lived and breathed and now I got the opportunity to share mission work with SO many. It is the perfect scenario for me as well, part-time and I work from home. I know this is exactly where God wants me and he has orchestrated it all perfectly.

With the new job has come some incredible and amazing responsibilities- getting people on the mission field all over the world. Something that I LOVE! I know first hand how a mission trip can change lives and I am so thankful to be a part of that. I have experienced God in so many incredible ways in Honduras, Kenya and Guatemala. God has such a clever way of showing his face and grace in amazing ways.

Many people wince when I tell them that I have an 18 month old when I am on the field or getting ready to leave to go. There is only one thing I can say- God tells me to go so I have to listen. I have made many mistakes in my life and not listened to God, it seems much more fulfilling and easy when I just shut up and listen to what he wants for my life. Thanks to an amazing husband and family I know that my daughter is in great hands. I also know that one day when she is playing with friends in Kenya or Belize or Honduras or where ever God leads, she will thank me. It is hard in the world we live in today to put yourself last and think of others first, the mission field is a great place to learn that.

I cannot tell you the strength I have learned from kids that I have met on the
field. A 4th, now 6th grade girl, with no parents, no money and total reliance on God never ceases to amaze me. Wow! Boy has she taught me a lot. I have seen her blossom into a beautiful leader within her community and stand up for God and what she believes in. Maybe one day you will each get to meet my sweet Irene. I pray that she will be able to journey here, possibly to study.??? we shall see.

So that is work and mission life in a very small nutshell that I am sure you will come to learn more about if I can keep this blogging thing up. :) Let's talk about my Lovey girl!

Ok so what is up with the "Lovey"? So, I am honestly not sure when this started but we started calling Lynlee our "Lovey" (among other nicknames we have given her) at some point between the first weeks home and 3 months old. So there. It started because there is all this talk in the baby world about "loveys" they are sweet little blankets that babies cuddle when they sleep or whenever really. So between Michael Christie and my big brains, we decided that if Lynlee had her lovey, a one-of-a-kind orange, purple, yarny, towel looking square from lord knows where, that she would be our lovey. I mean it just fit- she loved to cuddle and hug and smell her lovey, well so did we. So that is how it came about- we got a sweet little Lovey girl! So if you hear me refer to her as our Lovey just know that mean Lynlee not a piece of fabric, dog or anything of that nature. Ok-Disclaimer: It is important to be know that Michael Christie has made it clear that no teacher is to call her Lovey at anytime, it is morely just a term of endearment rather than an actual nickname. No seriously, we had to have this discussion when family members started catching on and saying it. :) Love how that Michael Christie mind works.

So what has happened with this sweet lovey girl in the past year?
Oh wow! Well first off she is hilarious, smart, nosey which we like to say "inquisitive", bossy which we like to say "a leader", chunky which we like to say "healthy" and well just precious! She is such a talker, imagine that!?! She really is a girly girl that loves baby dolls, purses, chap-stick, toenail polish, brushing her hair and shoes. Yup, 18 months and already a girly girl. She is a mess and we love every bit of it.

She has started "preschool" at Hope this past week and she LOVES it! She is in the best mood when I pick her up. I think she really likes the structure, her teachers and being able to learn in such a fun environment. One of her best friends, Briley is in the classroom next door so they get to play during outside and pod time! She LOVES it!

Music- Ok so this is something that Lynlee picked up on pretty much right when we brought her home. When she was in my belly I sang her all kinds of songs, old pi phi songs, old church songs, new church songs, radio songs, the whole bit. When she got home I kept those up but it is funny because TBS or some TV station like that had an "O Brother Where Art Thou" marathon going on for which seemed like 2 weeks, which may have only been a day or two but let's face it with a newborn who can keep track! So anyway, they were having a marathon and Michael and I picked up on a couple of their songs and started singing them to Lynlee "Down to the River to Pray" and "Go to Sleep Little Baby". It was the craziest thing because she could be in a frenzy, going crazy and we could turn those on or start singing them and BAM- quiet baby. Boy did that save us a few times in the car! :) It went like that for several months.
We learned really quickly that she enjoyed music. Now we listen to kids music nonstop in the car, sing it in the house, she LOVES to sing at my parent's house and play the drums. So who knows we may have the next Carrie Underwood on our hands. Oh and let's not forget that she can dance! Just bust into "Dance too much booty in the pants" or "Go Lynlee it's your Birthday" and she will break it down. Again, can't help the song choice it just sorta happened and stuck.

Well I think that is enough for now. I number 1 need to go to bed and number 2 need to leave something to write about later. :)

Hopefully I will be a better blogger and can give updates on our lives more than once a year! :)

Love y'all!


Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Been a While!

Woah! I am a little behind on posts huh!?! Well Lynlee Harper Christie is here and doing wonderful! I am SO in love with this little girl! She has been such a great baby! She is growing like a weed and is cuter everyday.

I am not sure really where to pick up with the blogging. I am almost so far behind that it will be impossible to back track. But I will try to be better-promise!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well 2 more days!

Oh my goodness we leave to go to the hospital in less than 24hours! We are beyond excited! I cannot believe that we are going to be parents so soon. We have been resting a lot this weekend and getting last minute stuff finished. Her nursery is done! All we need is a baby girl and pictures to put in the frames. This is going to be the best week of our lives, I just know it! I have been praying for every aspect of the labor, I know that God will be watching over us!

My mom is coming early tomorrow to help with some last minute stuff and deliver some yummy goodies for our freezer! It will be so nice to have her at the hospital during the cervadil experience! It makes me feel good to know that she will know the medical lingo, Michael and I are oblivious! We are prepared with puzzles, magazines, and the latest obsession Word Scrabble on my iphone! Michael and I have become obsessed with this game! So if you play on your phone invite us to play with you! But beware-we are pretty good. ;)

Please keep our family in your prayers! We are so excited!

Monday, February 15, 2010

37 Weeks!!

Well tomorrow I am 37 weeks and Lynlee is full term!  This is crazy how quickly it has all gone by!  We are so excited.  We also have some exciting news...... March 2nd is the big day!  We have decided to induce.  We have chosen to do so with the advice of our amazing doctor.  We are thrilled that we know when our little girl will be here and even more thrilled that everyone we love will be able to be there, as well as Dr. Tonkin.  We have gotten so close to her through this process and I just could not imagine going through the birthing process without her.  

We have also been in search of a good pediatrician.  It has been quite tough because of how amazing Dr. Tonkin has been.  Michael and I have gotten spoiled by her attentiveness and her wonderful bedside manor.  We just want her in the pediatrician form. :)  But I guess I can't have everything.  

Another exciting thing that has happened this weekend- the new Germantown Methodist facility opened!  So it is official- We will deliver in the new hospital!  I am particularly excited about this because there are so many new aspects of security, technology, and not to mention cleanliness!  We are touring the new hospital this Thursday in our class.  Can't wait to see it all. 

We also had our last shower this weekend and it was wonderful.  Michael's Aunt Claire and Family friend Cindy Ford hosted it for us and we got some of the cutest stuff!  We are so blessed and could not be more thankful for our friends and family!  Michael's favorite was a bathing suit that Aunt Claire and Grandmother got us!  He LOVES when Lynlee gets bathing suits.  (I think because he can picture us all hanging out and playing at the lake this summer with our sweet baby girl!)

Well that is about all for tonight!  We have 15 days and counting until Lynlee Harper is in our arms!  Please continue to pray for our family and our health. 

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