Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well 2 more days!

Oh my goodness we leave to go to the hospital in less than 24hours! We are beyond excited! I cannot believe that we are going to be parents so soon. We have been resting a lot this weekend and getting last minute stuff finished. Her nursery is done! All we need is a baby girl and pictures to put in the frames. This is going to be the best week of our lives, I just know it! I have been praying for every aspect of the labor, I know that God will be watching over us!

My mom is coming early tomorrow to help with some last minute stuff and deliver some yummy goodies for our freezer! It will be so nice to have her at the hospital during the cervadil experience! It makes me feel good to know that she will know the medical lingo, Michael and I are oblivious! We are prepared with puzzles, magazines, and the latest obsession Word Scrabble on my iphone! Michael and I have become obsessed with this game! So if you play on your phone invite us to play with you! But beware-we are pretty good. ;)

Please keep our family in your prayers! We are so excited!

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  1. The room is adorable!!! And y'all (and little Lynlee) will most definitely be in my prayers!


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