Tuesday, February 2, 2010

35 Weeks

A lot has gone on since my last post, imagine that! :) We had an amazing shower given by some of my closest friends, two doctors appointments, several snow days, and a million other things I am sure!  The shower was incredible!  Everything was just perfect.  I was so overwhelmed when I walked into the door, I think I cried about 5 times the first 35 minutes I was there.  We got so many sweet things for Lynlee girl, including our car seat!  This was a huge surprise because like everything else I have picked out for this girl, it was on backorder!  But the hostesses pulled together and got me that, along with so many other goodies! 

At our doctor's appointment yesterday we got to see our sweet little girl!  We were so excited to see her!  When Dr. Tonkin measured my stomach she was a little concerned because she felt that I was measuring small so she wanted to take a peak at our little girl.  Well the conclusion was that she looked great!  The tech thought she looked like she already weighs 6lbs!  Oh goodness I can't believe that she is already that big!  :) But she was bashful and had her little hand over her face again!  But even though we didn't get a good picture of her face it was great to see her moving around in there!  :) 
We received all of our cord blood info in today and it is ready to go.  We have our bags packed and are ready for the hospital!  I hope that we didn't forget to put anything in there. We are so excited!  We got everything for her outfit she will be wearing home and it is so sweet.  It is a pink and lace gown that I wore as a baby. I found her tights yesterday and dyed a pair of shoes to match the pink.  It is going to be so cute! 
Another exciting thing that has happened is that Lynlee had hiccups for the first time!  She had them last night and today!  It was the coolest thing I have ever felt!  I was so excited to feel this. Jordan had them all the time in my mom's belly and I wondered if Lynlee would.  
Pregnancy is such a miracle!
Thats all for now.

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