Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day of Projects.

Today was a day that we have been in need of for the past few weeks. We stayed at home ALL day! (Minus one trip to the post office and the park) We had such a fun day. First off miss Lynlee girl slept until 8:25!!! Which in our house in an act of God and the Heavens! So yes thank you Lord for that- He knew Momma needed that extra bit of shut-eye.So with the late start to the morning and Lovey taking about an hour to eat her breakfast- I mean seriously? AN HOUR to eat a cup of greek yogurt and half a banana!!! I just went with it. I mean I tend to
move slowly in the morning too so I figure if we have the time let her take it. After all of that, we went for a walk in the beautiful weather and snuck over to Andrew and Roni's backyard to play, it is WAY cooler and more fun than our own backyard. She loves sliding down Bo's big boy slide.

And here is when the projects begin, unless of course you consider the above projects and in that case we can add more checks in the "accomplished" column. Sometimes getting breakfast deserves a check in that column! :) Alright so back on track- Projects: Michael Christie has been nagging, oops I mean asking nicely, for me to get rid of the huge pile of magazines that are overtaking our kitchen. I insist that they all have VERY IMPORTANT information that I might need one day! So he rolls his eyes and lets me keep them. So then I started getting annoyed with the pile taking up space so I decided to consolidate.

I went through each magazine and pulled out articles that I felt I would at some point in my life need. As I tore the articles out, I split them into piles like: Discipline, Me Time, Food, Time for Fun and so on. I went to Walmart and got one of those accordion folders and vwalla huge stack of magazines gone and an organized info packed article mecca at my fingertips!

Project #2 for the day: Sending "I love You" Cards to some family. After lunch I let Lynlee color some cards with markers. Yes, brave I know. She did have more marker on her highchair and her arms than on the cards but she had fun with it. On the inside I just wrote a little note and then threw them in the mail- (hence the trip to the post office.) I know that the fam will enjoy a personalized card from our little lovey girl. :) She really did a great job and they were super easy to make.
Project #3: Vacuuming the house. Yeah. That needs no explanation, cutesy pictures or further discussion.

All this activity warranted a 3 hour nap from Lynlee girl! Again, thank the Lord! This enabled me to finish each project. :)
That is our day in a nutshell. It ended with fun family time at the park with Bo, Cruiz, Aunt Roni and Uncle Andrew. Lynlee felt like such a big girl riding around in Bo's Big Wheel F-150. So Cute.

Well that's all for tonight. night night everyone.


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