Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just one of them days!

What is that old 90's songs "Just one of them days, where I wanna be all alone...." I am thinking it may be a TLC or a Salt-n-Pepper song if that tells you anything. Well I think I may be having one of those days. Not so much that I want to be alone but that I just feel sorta yuck. Kind of like what ever you touch gets screwed up kind of days. Hopefully this will pass because we are about to head out in the 108 degree heat to tailgate for the tigers. So nothing like a sour attitude with intense amount of heat! haha!
(OK SO I FOUND THE SONG!! it is Monica! ha flashback to middle/high school) imgres.jpg
So let's think positive. On a good note Lynlee is still LOVING her school. She is so eager to get there in the mornings which makes me happy. Not to mention how nice it is to get reports throughout the day from people I run into! :) Everyone has picked up on her funny eating habits and her sassy personality! So blessed and happy to have her at Hope. She just struts around those halls like she owns the place. So cute.

AH! Just realized it is time to leave for the tailgate, be back soon
.................................................. OK we are back and things went great! Lynlee had a blast with A
ustin! They are so precious together. It is funny to think they were in strollers last year at this time
and we were nursing in the car. :) Now they are running around the tailgate playing. It was so cute when I went to get him he had his football jersey on and of course miss priss was wearing her cheerleading uniform!
(Great Deal at WALMART!!! I couldn't believe it, I think it was 15 bucks and it feels like a real uniform. SO PRECIOUS!) They had fun hanging out and playing even though it was a little hot. Didn't stop them from having a good time.

Aside from school and football tailgates things have been pretty low key- although this weekend we are headed to the lake for Mimi's birthday! We are excited to celebrate and hangout with the family. PLUS--Mommy and Daddy are getting a date night Saturday night with the Bennett's and the Cobb's and we could not be more excited! This is long over due and we know that it is going to be so fun! :) Welp glad tomorrow is Friday and I am sure I will have some precious pics to post after the lake weekend.

Have a wonderful night!


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