Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello Terrible Two's or 1 1/2's!!!!

Welp, we are starting to learn what people mean when they say terrible two's. Lynlee Harper is starting to become quite the "personality"! Everything is an ordeal and "No No No" and "Me Me Me" are becoming her favorite phrases. So if there is any advice about how to deal I am all ears. Sounds like I need to pick up a few of my parenting books and thumb back through them. But I will say that through all of the frustrations of her new attitude she will just as quickly turn around and give me a kiss or hug me and say "awe". So pray for grace and mercy for me and Michael as we conquer this new era of Lynlee's life.

On another note we had Michael's 10 year class reunion! WOW I cannot believe it is already time for these types of events. But we went and really had a great time. Everyone was so nice and I know that he had a great time seeing everyone. The funny part is most of the people we saw are people we see all the time. :) Guess that comes with living in a small town and staying close to home. :) I think next year when mine comes around I will be seeing people that I haven't seen since we graduated. I just hope I recognize everyone-I am so bad with stuff like that!

Last note for the night- Tonight we took a jeep ride and went and got milkshakes. This was Lynlee's first milkshake (to my knowledge) and boy was she in hog heaven! She felt like such a big girl sipping on her very own big girl milkshake. She watched how Michael would dip his straw in and take a bite so she felt like she needed to do the same. All was well until we were right around the corner from home and yup.....milkshake everywhere! It was all over her. I mean she was covered!!!!! If only I would have had a camera it would have been perfect. But she was a trooper and went right in and jumped in the tub! I could not stop laughing it was so funny! Bless her heart I think that would have been the only thing to stop her from drinking that whole thing!

Keep the terrible two's in your prayers, we would really appreciate it. :)

nighty night,


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