Friday, July 10, 2009

Headed to the Spring River!!

We are headed to the Spring River today to share the wonderful baby news with a big group of our closest friends! We are so excited! We know that our friends are going to be so excited and supportive! I cannot wait to tell, I am about to bust! (not my belly bust, the baby is just the size of an apple seed!~ Bust more like with excitement!) So far things are going great! I am trying to eat several small meals throughout the day, trying to keep that morning sickness away! Michael is being so helpful! He has been reading a Daddy book that gives him all kinds of great tips about the pregnancy! He is making sure I drink my orange juice and milk and keeping the crackers handy! What a wonderful husband! :) So far I absolutely love being pregnant! (That may change when I am the size of a house but we'll see!) :)
Keep praying for our family! :)

The Christie's

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